Help Desk

If we asked that you allow us to connect to your desktop – Click Here

If your and existing customer and need access to our help desk, it is easiest for you, if you use the pre-configured  link on your desktop, as you need less information to login. Should that option be unavailable,  Just click here to login.

If your thinking about becoming a customer and want to see a fully functional version of the help desk follow see below:

Test Drive our help desk

When your company signs up for a manages service plan each person you want to have access to our help desk will be setup by us when we do the installation of our managed software. There are four types of accounts.

  1. Manager who sees all things related to the company. (That is the test account provided here)
  2. Manager who sees everything except billing
  3. Regular user who only sees his tickets
  4. A contact who who does not get the portal, support is via phone, and email but tracked in the system so managers can see it.

When a new account is added message like this one will be sent to the end users email:

“Dear Happy Jack, 

Your new account in the SMALL BIZ PC PSA has been created for you.

You can get started by Clicking This Link
Or you can copy the following link to your browser: (
Your Login info are as follows:

  • User Name: Happyjack
  • Password: happyjack2#8$0#
  • Company: small biz pc

If you have any questions or encounter difficulty logging in, please contact your Account Administrator.

The Small Biz PC Team”

Click the link in the sample email above. Should the password fail, it probably got changed by someone who is testing the system. Please send us and Email  at and we will reply with a new password.

This help desk comes with top notch support who is always looking forward to serving you. If you would like this kind of support, give us a call today. We offer support anywhere in the United States -> 503-798-0422