Amazon Web Services

We are well versed in server migrations -all our techs have at least 20 years experience. We can move your server data to just about any platform you are interested in. We have one engineer with four AWS (Amazon Web Services) certifications.  This means if you need your servers moved to a new platform, you have come to the right place. We just migrated seven servers for a Portland-Based Athletic Embroidery and Supply Company to Amazon in September this year. These server represented several web sites running on diverse platforms.

Moving to AWS is a great way to eliminate surprise expenses of operating system upgrades, server hardware failure and inadequacy. Should you need to migrate to a new OS, you bring the new server up on Amazon, (Takes about an hour) then you migrate your software. Disaster recovery is simple. Just backup to snapshots, and restore from the snapshot if your server tanks. Restoring a snapshot is often less than 20 minutes. Lose the main board on your physical server and look at your potential down time. I guarantee it will not be up in 20 minutes, even if you have the parts in a drawer.  Ever wish you could upgrade to a faster-bigger-meaner server? Probably take you a week from the time you think of it, get the expense approved, hardware ordered, and the up. We can do it in under 10 minutes in most cases. Need faster internet lines coming in to your server? Call the vendor, and within a month you might be good to go. Amazon gives you fast stable lines, all you can use. We found factoring in hardware costs, and management costs, Amazon’s AWS cost our client a third of their prior budget.

Give us a call, we have the know how, and can’t wait to give you a quote to move your servers to AWS. We can also migrate servers to other technologies as well, but AWS steals the show.


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