Small Biz PC Partners with Infrascale for Disaster Contingency

Most businesses can’t wait days for their business critical applications to be restored. Even with an additional server or workstation on site, it still might take a day to get the data restored onto the backup server, get the end users on and everything tested. For many businesses that is too long. Most have about a terabyte of data. Three to four proprietary applications running on SQL, and other technologies. To get up and running, they would have to put up a Windows Server, and update the OS to the last update that the down server had. That typically would take two hours on good internet to complete. The tech would have to restore the last backup and system state. This is typically done over USB  and would take 6 hours to do. At this point the third party software needs to be tested and tweaked to get it fully operational. Each desktop with printers and other peripherals would need to be validated as operational. One server, 10 users, 5 printers, and internet connection testing would easily cost a company $2,000 just for the I.T. More if we have to go back to an internet backup provider to get that data rather than an in house backup. Once this is done, the company still would be looking at more money yet, to rebuild the old server. This server outage does not just cost the business in I.T. time. You also need to factor in each employees wages during the outage. A $20.00 an hour employee * 10 employees can set you back $16,000 in wages per day, not to mention lost revenue, and reputation.

Disaster planning and testing for small business is no longer an option.  Every small business has data that if lost, or falls into the wrong hands will most probably drive them out of business in a very short time. Data in the wrong hand can cause lawsuits and criminal penalties these days. Think your data is not that important, it can be pieced back together, good luck with that. If you don’t go under, you might wish that you had! Take a look at this article. Large businesses have infrastructure, lawyers and cash to help mitigate problems associated with data loss.

Those of us with small businesses often times lack the budget for any of the protections that a large business has. Now, the story is being re-written. Small Biz PC has teamed up with Infrascale. We can protect your data in three main ways. Data is always kept antivirus free as it goes on and off your servers. We don’t let viruses, Malware, and Ransomware in, and if it does somehow get by the scanners, we have a data restoration plan in place to deal with it immediately. The second protection we offer is theft protection. Lose a machine, we wipe the data, you are protected! The third protection is against traditional server or workstation outages. Lose a server, your backups are always on line, and exist as hot servers. Within 15 minutes, your entire network will be operational and users will be doing business as usual, while we rebuild the server in the background. Should you lose a protected workstation; just drop another one in place, we will have back to work in minutes.  We can do all this without your buying a bunch servers and I.T. folks to manage them. We can manage it all for you in real time.


Small Biz PC is doing the legwork to make sure your network foundation is solid. Through above videos, you should be able to to see that our choice to partner with Infrascal was not just a good decision, but the right decision. Just in case you are wondering, does Small Biz PC use the Infrascale product in house? Absolutely!

If you want to know more contact us, or contract Infrascale and tell them Athena at Small Biz PC sent you. If your really want all the nuts and bolts, query Infrascale on Youtube. The technical documentation is practically endless. Go ahead, we have got nothing to hide. We are proud of what we sell.

Please give us a call today at 503-798-0422. We can’t wait to share this technology!