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Windows 7 – Not Supported

January 2020 Microsoft Windows 7 are no longer supported. What does this mean to you? Windows 7, will not stop working just because it is no longer supported by Microsoft. You can actually run Windows 7, for as long as your machine continues to function. Windows 7, will not magically stop working because it is…
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Profound Ways to Defeat Ransomware and the Coronavirus

The Information Technology World is seeing a huge increase in Ransomware attacks just as the Covid-19 virus is reaching out across the United States. Medical facilities such as Dr’s offices, Dental Offices, Hospitals, and City emergency response units appear to be the main targets right now. The latest Ransomware attack disguises itself as the Corona…
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Raspberry Pi, Arduino – IoT

These devices have blossomed into more than a dream. They power Baby Monitors, Door Bells, the electronics in cars, and even take a ride to space aboard space X. Since Small BIZ PC is mobile and mostly off Grid, we even use them to supply power to our business and home.