Office 365 and Business Intelligence

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Office 365 is Microsoft’s flagship product for the masses. It is compatible across all major device platforms MAC, PC, IOS, google, and Android. It allows two or more people to work on a Word or Excel, among other applications at the very same time. Has tools to do voice and video around the world with thousands of people at once if need be. Has intelligence to allow connection to just about any electronic data source. Microsoft promises the world and Microsoft delivers. Of course, the functionality depends upon what version of Microsoft Office 365 you buy.

Collaboration of ideas and teamwork are at the core of this version of Microsoft office.

Some companies fail to understand what their version of Office offers, and needlessly buy products from other vendors to gain functionality they already have, and is already embedded within their organization’s infrastructure. Maybe it is a mobile need, a data location need, a reporting need. The best way to combat that is to train your employees, right at their own desk. Take a look at this example

Microsoft courses you control and you don’t have to attend

It’s all in your court, you control the tools, you control the training, and you and your staff fully leverage your Microsoft Office 365 tools.

Remember we were talking about getting data from sources other than the database server, tying them all together and creating meaningful reports that you can use to drive sales, cut cost, and move your company to the next level. Here is the ultimate tool that ties right into all your other data sources easily and seamlessly.

Power BI – It is a powerful business intelligence

Now, what if you could tie all this together with your very own CRM? Now that is power! Take a look at this product call Nimble CRM. (Compatible with G-suites as well)

Now that we have taken a hairline peak at the Office 365 suite from 30,000 feet, and find it impressive from here. You need to take it for a spin yourself. You might be asking a though why buy a subscription when I could just buy the boxed copy and forget it. One reason is Office 365 is evolving every day, and if you’re a subscriber you always have the latest tool, which gives you a competitive edge over the guy who just bought the box.

As you can see, Microsoft makes great products, no matter how much we love to hate them. Some though are asking what about Google, G-Suite and other players. How does Microsoft Office 365 stack up? We think that Microsoft blows them away.

If you disagree, do not worry, we sell the G-suite products too, with the same support and for about the same price as Microsoft. You will just get less functionality for the dollar.

For those who want to be compatible with office, but have no money to spend, need no support, don’t mind when living dangerously when it comes to security, and protection from the wild there is a product called Libre Office which is open source – Free Open Source Office. Caveats -(not recommended for business use, we do not support nor endorse the product at this time. No team of Criminally background checked security experts making sure the software is safe and secure to use) Make sure you have our virus scanner in place.

Those who buy Microsoft Office 365 get a fully managed office platform by Small Biz PC. We can manage all your user accounts and help you get the right tools to meet your needs.

All Prices are based on a monthly subscription and will be auto-billed each month. You can cancel at any time.