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There are three major ways people access their networks remotely.

1 – VNC a remote desktop viewing client that relies on a hole punched in the firewall called an open port, and listening computer on the internal network. Having a port open when one can avoid it is never good. Open ports are just too tempting for bots, skilled hackers and kids that want to be hackers.

2 – Remote desktop or RDP, we hate this one. This one relies on an open port on the firewall that is known by everyone because it is a Microsoft product. If the port is moved, the bad guy’s scanners just look for it, and they find it. There are billions of BOTS (short for robots as the software scours the internet for RDP listeners.) They hammer and waste your server resources all day and night with fictitious login attempts. We have had two clients who don’t use IP address limiters get compromised this way in the last few years. Don’t be like them, it is expensive and embarrassing.

3 – Microsoft VDI using RDP. This is a very expensive due to Microsoft Licensing requirements , but a very secure method of Remote Access using RDP. We or you host a large server that hosts many workstations on the server as guests. We usually hosts these in the datacenter where we have redundant high speed internet lines, and 24X7 staff to handle infrastructure issues. We have security personnel who will certify your solution before you use it.

4- Products that use external servers such as Team Viewer, there are several. These products are expensive and they work pretty well. They still pose a risk in that any user on the network can use them and move data undetected if you have an employee leave who has a chip, he can get in with any account he knows and mess over your data assets. You can’t just block these services, there are too many, and there are websites dedicated to helping people circumvent your security.

You can get remote access to your work securely! Just reach out to us, and we will design a solution.

Remote Offices – We can securely connect offices in multiple locations using our firewall virtual private network. All your end users are securely connected as if they are in the same office. If your internet does not have connectivity between offices, we have someone who can arrange that.

Servers at Remote locations such as, but not limited to Azure, Amazon web services we can securely connect them to look like they are in any or all your offices. Our security products do this out of the box. If you need a solution like this, we have someone who can explain this and get the job done.

Home and Mobile users – Not a big issue. We can hide your network from the world, give your workers access to it as if you are sitting in the office. Our mobile VPN suite that comes with our firewall solution uses a remote desktop client that works and meets the highest security standards allowing for remote workers.

There are other forms of remote access to the office computers out there. They are growing in number every day. Which means your need for a solid well thought out security solution grows by the day. We can grow with this phenomenon, are you willing to grow with us?

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