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EC2 Boot Loop

December 2019 cumulative update from Microsoft was fun for some of our customers. This update like the update in our last post is fixed in safe mode. Generally if an AWS server drops off your mostly dead, but only mostly dead.

Microsoft updates

We always encourage our customers to swap out their servers every three years, and desktops every five. We like the servers to be of a tier one company such as HP, IBM and Dell. This ensures we are most likely to have hardware and BIOS updates that work with the latest Microsoft Software and can…
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Poor Man’s Remote Desktop

“SoftEther” If you’re here, we are assuming you are wanting to access a computer or a computer network from outside the confines of where the machine(s) are that you need to access. This solution, will work on both a MAC and a Windows based PC. Since our expertise is with the Microsoft Product line we…
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Windows Remote Desktop – Free??

You need to work from home; Just enable Microsoft Remote Desktop on your PC at the office. If you DARE. When using computer systems that are on the internet there are inherent risks that cannot be seen by the operator of the computer until it is too late. Many operating systems such as Microsoft Windows have built in firewalls and…
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