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As a Managed Service Provider, we work with all your IT vendors to provide the smoothest operations, allowing you time to build your business.

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What is an MSP?

A Managed Service Provider is your one-stop IT partner. 

We remotely manage all types of PC’s , servers, printers, routers, firewalls and other hardware.

We have people on hand that are CISSP certified. This gives us the ability to assess all types of security needs from HIPPA to SOC. 

Are you having issues, wanting to upgrade, or need to build a new computer network from scratch?

We work with the business owners to provide insight on best technology options for current and future needs.

We keep an up to the minute watch on your network and PC security.

Small Biz PC is perfect for a companies  not yet big enough to need a full time IT staff, but with all the advantages, and none of the expense of full time employees.

Small Biz PC is not limited to small companies. Small Biz PC currently supports larger companies as well. Some are solely are supported by us, and others we act as supplemental IT managers freeing up existing IT people to work on projects that provide added value to their companies.

With over 25 years experience in the industry we are your go to solutions provider.

Call Small Biz PC today, we are on your side.  

Network Security Small Biz PC Locks you down


Sleep better knowing we’ve got your back.

At Small Biz PC, we take your security seriously. 

We monitor your systems for malware or suspicious changes. We can in real time verify your company has proper hardware and software level security. We like to provide employee training to avoid malware and email scams.

We protect networks from ransomware, viruses, and outside predators. In many cases, using the equipment we reccomend, we can completely hide a network from the out side world. Your outside IP address will not answer to inbound unauthorized requests. You are completely invisible to the outside world, but have access to the things you need. Ours systems provide VPN  for you employyes to your private network at no additional cost.  Our perimeter firewalls will pass HIPPA, PCI, SOC and DSS.

The inside network can be secured to your specifications. We have a security expert with over 25 years experience holding several major certifications who is willing and able to get the job done.

Have external users? We can help you design and maintain a system that will let them work from home, and maintain the same level of security you have on your internal network.

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Network Security Small Biz PC Locks you down
Circuit board in the cloud
Data Server in the cloud hosting your servers


Protection for you vital business data, and compliance retention

Small Biz PC has a fully managed cloud backup solution that we provide our customers, either as a bundled service or as a separate service. Our service works with SQL server, MSSQL, Exchange, Windows, Windows Server, some Linux, and many MAC OS versions. 

We provide the software, and the cloud storage, you provide an onsite storage server for a local copy of your backup. This greatly enhances the speed of restoral.  Our Backups are HIPAA, SOC. and PCI Compliant if we set them up and manage them.

Our backup service looks for Ransomware, Malware, and Viruses as it backups your data, but this is only a last ditch effort to stop these things, we are not replacing your or our primary security solutions already in place. 

Our deduplication service provides excellent protection from needlessly backing up redundant data. The compression is very good and allows us to pack a lot of data on a backup drive saving you lots of money in storage costs.

Last but not least we can spin up standby instances of your servers in the cloud on our servers, or if you prefer on your VMware or Hyper-V servers at your location.  

Restores and startup of the protected VM’s are tested by Small Biz PC on a regular basis.

Have more questions? 

Email: Sales@SmallBizPc.com

  • Oregon: 503-798-0422
  • Arizona: 928-233-3080


Schedule a Time to Discuss Your Backup Needs before it’s too late.

Mr. Virus

Virus Removal/ Antivirus software

Trained and experienced Virus removal

Not much is scarier than malware or Ransomware disturbing your PC, or threating you company data.

Call us and we will start step by step process to clean up and protect your PC.

We keep up on new threats alerts, and update your PCs and servers to keep them safe, so you can sleep at night.

On our managed PCs, we run high grade anti-virus software, that instantly alerts us if a virus, malware or ransomware  is found on any PC or server, and start the cleanup process usually in less than five minutes.

Our systems automatically remove the offending code. Then we manully verify all traces of the virus are gone, and the data is as good as new.

Mr. Virus
Data Server in the cloud hosting your servers
Data Server in the cloud hosting your servers

Migrations/Remote Hosting

We are no stranger to migrations from local systems to AWS or or to our hosted servers, or vice versa.

Small Biz PC has the know-how to remotely set up new PCs with a few minutes of hands on time from a member of your staff. We do anything from building networks from scratch, creating Hybrid networks, to migrating entire networks to the cloud.

We are doing all that for your competitors right now.

You supply a person with patience and a willingness to do what needs doing, no experience is required. We supply the plan, the skills, and the skilled technicians.

We have done Amazon Web service Migrations, Migrations to data centers, New servers, PCs, Switches, and firewalls.

Whatever your needs are, we probably have someone who can handle them. We will tell you what it should take to get the job done and an approximate cost.

Server Enlosure

Server Administration

We technicians have a minum of 20 years of Windows Server Management 

Windows servers need to be setup and licensed correctly from the start.  Servers provide login, network security, and data storag. 

Windows permissions allow each person or department access to just the data they need. We can manage what you already have in place, or recommend the best practices to keep you in business in an ever changing world.

Server Enlosure
Lap Top On Desk
Lap Top On Desk

PC Maintenance

Our proprietary Automated Maintenance program keeps all PCs and servers clean, optimed for perfomance and over 100 software packages, and the operating systems up to date. This provides optimum performance and the latest security update for the software you use..

It is the little boring processes that are easy to forget in this world, but can cause the most harm and keep you up at night. Did I lock the door? Are all my office PCs protected against the latest threats? We run automated software to always keep the machines at their tip top speed and secure.

All stations Comucating from aywhere


Call us to get your printer online, Sometimes PC’s and servers give eachother the cold shoulder and refuse to talk to one another.

We can find out why this is and fix it. We design networks from the ground up that will foster warmer interactions between devices.

Do you have a very small office, just a few PC and printers? Call us, and we can plan and setup a solution that allows all the PC to communicate.

Having trouble printing or scanning? Contact us, and we can quickly get you up and running.

Don’t want to spend your afternoon on hold with a software vendor to find a solution?

Call us, we probably have the answer. If not, we will work with the vendor and get you back in business ASAP.


All stations Comucating from aywhere

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