Network Security Small Biz PC Locks you down


Sleep better knowing we’ve got your back.

At Small Biz PC, we take your security seriously. 

We monitor your systems for malware or suspicious changes. We can in real time verify your company has proper hardware and software level security. We like to provide employee training to avoid malware and email scams.

We protect networks from ransomware, viruses, and outside predators. In many cases, using the equipment we reccomend, we can completely hide a network from the out side world. Your outside IP address will not answer to inbound unauthorized requests. You are completely invisible to the outside world, but have access to the things you need. Ours systems provide VPN  for you employyes to your private network at no additional cost.  Our perimeter firewalls will pass HIPAA, PCI, SOC and DSS.

The inside network can be secured to your specifications. We have a security expert with over 25 years experience holding a masters degree and several of the security industries top certifications who is willing and able to get the job done.

We work with to stay on top of the latest issues in security and the latest solutions. We report all security issues such as Malware, Ransomeware, Phishing, to to CISA for further investigation. We take breaches seriously.

Have external users? We can help you design and maintain a system that will let them work from home, and maintain the same level of security you have on your internal network.

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Network Security Small Biz PC Locks you down