Small Biz PC

- Your Technical Resource

Small Biz PC is a small technology company. We have been doing business as Small Biz PC since 2013, and as Pacific Business Solutions in 1994. Our mission is to help individuals and US-based small businesses build a solid technology foundation stressing the concept of building on tried and true technologies. With the right fundamentals in place, your support needs will be drastically lower than those who do not use our services. System outages, should they occur, will be reduced to annoyances that minutes to resolve instead of days. That is just good business for both of us.

A company in constant break-and-fix mode has a hard time being a leader in its industry.  Without a solid foundation in place, you and your I.T. staff end up at odds and pointing the fingers at each other when problems arise. “A house divided among itself will soon fall”. We have heard business owners say time and time again “I.T. is killing us” we want you to be saying “I.T. is our great advantage.” If you’re not there, call us.

We build our networks, and server foundations on solid proven technologies, so you can spend your time building your business, not calling I.T. (An old Harvard MBA once told us “I am not rich enough to afford anything but the best”.) He did not mean the most expensive. He meant the best. These are words that Small Biz PC lives by.

Small Biz PC is not out to replace your I.T. staff, we want to work with them to build rock-solid systems. We can be your staff, we can advise your staff, or supplement your staff. What we ask is that you let us build, rebuild, or repair your foundation in a consistent, solid and repeatable manner. There will always be problems with technology, the products are evolving fast, so build your infrastructure right, and downtime will be minimal.

We don’t work with just anyone; we require our long term clients to have solid security systems, demonstrate proven end-user training policies, properly licensed software, backup strategies, disaster recovery, and documented business continuance plans. We require these things not because your company and our company are stronger when they are in place.

If you are in crisis mode and do not have some or any of these technologies in place; no worries, we can deal with that. Call us, we will help you get through the crisis and will give you an action plan to get stable. If you choose not to form a long term relationship with us, that’s OK, but we give big discounts for long term customers.